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Marie Bjerre Odgaard

Bodies at the Margins

In my ph.d. project I do fieldwork in Amman, Jordan. In my research I focus on people who, based in their own personal experiences, question dominant ideas about what is "normal" or "moral" in terms of the body, gender and sexuality. This often transforms into visual art or performance in the urban environment. The body is a marginalized figure in the sense that control over/care for the individual's body is of such great interest to families, communities, authorities, NGOs and foreign researchers.  

I am broadly interested in the ethics of queer life and embodiment. I investigate ethics in a time where we have an increased focus on the moral side-effects of (neo)liberal notions of the individual, especially when it comes to sexuality. In addition to the anthropological focus, I use insights from feminist studies, postcolonial theory and phenomenology.