Soil organic matter - Does it matter?

One of the topics in SmartSOIL is to explore the effects of long-term versus short-term addition of organic matter to the soil. In a long-term experiment, experimental plots have been treated with various inputs of soil organic matter in the form of straw. In the SmartSOIL project, in some plots this practice has been stopped whereas in other plots without straw addition, this has now been added. On top of both types of treatments, different rates of nitrogen is added of short- versus long-term carbon input on crop nitrogen supply and nitrogen use efficiency.

Climate change all ready has influence on European agriculture

This TV programme shows us the necessity of relating to the current and future climate changes and their effect on agriculture within the EU. The program shows how the changes, that are already taking place, are affecting farmers, although differently depending on their geographic location within the EU.

Source: www.ag2020.org