Project deliverables

D2.4 Report on critical low soil organic matter contents, which jeopardise good functioning of farming systems Download
D5.2 Overview of socio-economic influences on crop and soil management systems Download
D4.1 Overview and assessment report of decision support tools and knowledge platforms, SmartSOIL Report Download
D2.1 Report describing the practices and measures in European farming systems to manage soil organic matter Download
D3.2 Cost-effectiveness of SOC measures Download
D2.3 Changes in soil organic matter content in time as impacted by different farming systems Download
D1.3 Simplified model of managementon SOC flows and stocks and crop yield Download
D1.2 Model comparisons and identification of model linking soil carbon to soil properties and crop productivity Download
D1.1b Meta-analyses and new experiments of crop yield to soil functions Download
D2.2 Typical farming systems and trends in crop and soil management in Europe Download
D3.1 Soil and Soil Organic Carbon within an Ecosystem Service Approach Linking Biophysical and Economic Data Download
D5.1 Uptake of soil management practices and experiences with decisions support tools: Analysis of the consultation with the farming community Download