SmartSOIL works with 6 case studies representing different bio-geographic and social-economic agricultural areas.

The project has engaged and consulted with stakeholders (farmers, farm advisory and extension services, policy-makers) in the different case studies through interviews and workshops to:

  1. Identify key management practices affecting soil carbon
  2. Identify farm and management systems at risk of low soil carbon under current and future climate.
  3. Identify potential soil carbon management practices and any barriers and constraints to uptake
  4. Identify requirements and needs for a soil carbon decision support tool and to test its feasibility
  5. Collect locally specific farm management and socio-economic data on soil carbon management practices to feed into the decision support tool.
  6. Produce Real Life Case Studies and videos of farmers undertaking soil carbon management practices
  7. Identify effective ways of disseminating the outputs of the project to the case study regions.