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Meaningful Internationalisation

Six of the participants from Geographies of Internationalisation participated in The 7th International Academics Identities Conference with the theme/title "The Meaningful University" held at Roskilde University, Denmark 21-23 of June 2021. Our group were in charge of a symposium entitled Meaningful Internationalisation. Here are links to our symposium rationale and abstracts as well as to our five presentations and the joint discussion    

Taina Saarinen, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä
Paola Eiras, DPU, Aarhus University
Vera Spangler, DPU, Aarhus University
Lene Møller Madsen & Hanne Kirstine Adriansen
Nadine Etzkorn, PhD student, Bielefeld University, Department of Education