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Unnatural Narratology

In narrative theory there has been a wish to describe all narration – fictional and non-fictional, conversational and literary under the umbrella of one unified theory – most often taking its departure in conversational and oral storytelling. If we analyze all narratives according to the same model, however, we miss something in some of them. It is an important task for narrative theory to develop models that account for the specific properties of storyworlds, of experientiality, and of representations and narratives that resist description and understanding based on linguistic understandings of natural, oral communication. In the research group "Unnatural narratology" we analyze and theorize the aspects of fictional narratives that transcend the boundaries of traditional realism and violate the conventions of natural narratives. Though many of us are particularly interested in non- and anti-mimetic kinds of narrative such as postmodernism, we also point out the many unnatural, conventional, and unrealistic elements of realism. These include omniscience, paralepsis, a streamlined plot, a definitive closure, and what James Phelan refers to as redundant telling.

Participants : Brian Richardson, Brian McHale, James Phelan, Jakob Lothe, Monika Fludernik, Jan Alber, Rüdiger Heinze, Maria Mäkelä, Pekka Tammi, Rolf Reitan, Henrik Skov Nielsen, Stefan Iversen, Stefan Kjerkegaard, Louise Brix Jacobsen, Per Krogh Hansen and Rikke Andersen Kraglund.

The Dictionary of Unnatural Narratology

Compiled and written by members of the group, this ongoing project provides a dictionary of terms and concepts of relevance to the workings of unnatural narratology.

Publications online:

Selected volumes:

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  • ISSN-conference, 2008, Texas: Brian Richardson chaired a panel on unnatural narratology at the ISSN-conference in Texas, 2008 with presentations from Henrik Skov Nielsen, Jan Alber and Stefan Iversen. Richardson's introduction to the panel is now online [read more]
  • FRIAS-conference on "Unnatural narratives", 2008, Freiburg. Arranged by Alber and Heinze, this conference presented a range of approaches to unnatural narratives and unnatural narratology. [read more]
  • ISSN-conference, 2009: Two panels dealt with unnatural narratology on the ISSN-conference in Birmingham in June, 2009  [read more]
  • MLA 2009, Philadelphia: Jan Alber chairs a panel on "Postmodern and “Unnatural” Narratives".
  • ISSN-conference 2010, Cleveland: Two panels dealt with unnatural narratives and unnatural narratology.
  • NNNS-conference 2010: "Unnatural Narratology" at the Tartu-conference New Developments in Narratology: Cognitive, Communicative and Philosophical Approaches.
  • Richardson, Skov Nielsen and Iversen gave papers on Unnatural Narratology at the seminar "Which narratologies beyond mimetic narratology?", EHESS, Paris, 2010.
  • Iversen gave a paper on Unnatural Narratology at "The Travelling Concept of Narrative II", London 2010.
  • At the 2nd ENN conference in Kolding, March 2011, Alber gave the keynote "The Unnatural Across the Fiction/Non-Fiction Divide" and Iversen and Skov Nielsen also gave papers on Unnatural Narratology.
  • ISSN-conference 2011: Two panels on Unnatural Narratology.
  • ISSN-conference 2012: Two panels on Unnatural Narratology


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