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Genomics data

The Faba Bean Genome Project is a global partnership that leverages collaborative expertise and funding with the aim to assemble the first faba bean genome with an emphasis on applied breeding. The partnership has generated a high-quality faba bean genome assembly and annotated gene models based on electronic prediction and experimental transcriptome data for a cv. Hedin /2.

The Faba Bean Genome Project is community driven and supports the release of data to advance faba bean science. Reserved analyses include the identification of complete (whole genome) sets of genomic features including gene families, regulatory elements, repeat structures, large-scale structural variants, patterns of genome-wide polymorphisms and selection or any other genome feature, and whole-genome or chromosome-scale comparisons with other species and among faba bean varieties. The projected timeline for completion of our analysis is the Fall of 2022. Scientific users are free to publish papers dealing with analysis of specific genes using the draft sequence data.  

Below you can download the data files. Note: depending on browser, you may need to right click on link and select 'Save link as'.