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Presentations, posters and activities:


EcoChange Conference 2019, November 2019, Kalmar, Sweden 

  • Andriy Rebryk - Workflow for identification of biomagnifying organic contaminants in Baltic Sea species

Dioxin, August 2019, Kyoto, Japan:

  • Cynthia det Wit - Emerging organohalogen compounds in Baltic sea biota, including top predators. Results from a pilot study on new contaminants in Baltic sea marine biota.

The 17th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment, June 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Andriy Rebryk - Non-target screening to identify biomagnifying lipophilic organic contaminants in Baltic Sea top consumers.

5th International Conference on Environmental specimen banking

  • Sara Persson - Temporal study of macroscopic bone lesions in ringed seal skulls from the Baltic sea. Poster
  • Cynthia det Wit - CP's in biota.

Baltic Sea Science Congress Stockholm

  • Kaarina Kauhala - Reproductive rate of the the grey seal as an indicator of the status of Baltic sea environment. Poster
  • Igor Eulaers - Temporal trends of a wide range of contaminants and diet in white-tailed eagles


  • Igor Eulaers - Spatial trends in contaminants, diet, and health effects in white-tailed eagles around the Baltic.


Symposium - Centre for Reproductive biology in Uppsala

  • Sara Persson - Reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption - an update

Workshop - Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Swedish Chemical Agency, Stockholm City Chemicals Centre

  • Cynthia det Wit - CP results for biota including Baltic sea samples

Hållbara Hav Seminarium: Östersjö idag för ett friskare hav imorgon 

  • Cynthia det Wit - Panel discussion: How do we regulate hazardous chemicals so they don’t damage the Baltic Sea? Go to our media page to watch the panel discussion in Swedish.