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MEMC - Marine Ecological Modelling Centre

About MEMC

MEMC performs ecological modelling (research, development and operations) through coupling of physical, biogeochemical and high-trophic level processes with the purpose of establishing an improved scientific basis for environmental and fisheries management and decision making for the North Atlantic area with special focus on the Danish, Faroese and Greenland waters.

The MEMC research and development support the setup and operation of state-of-the-art marine dynamic models with the following aims:

  • Positioning of Danish marine research.
  • Competent advices in management issues to relevant ministries. 
  • To be an attractive and recognized international partner.
  • To establish a good and well-run organization, structure and leadership that motivates the individual's performance.
  • To maintain a healthy economy through participation in national and internationally funded research that makes it possible to maintain an innovative research.
  • To create and maintain a common state-of-the-art platform for marine ecology modelling
  • To support and enhance model development based on data from experiments and field studies generated in connection with research and monitoring.
  • To use modelling as a tool to improve the assessment of marine environment.
  • To contribute to the optimization of the monitoring network in Danish waters, particularly the Baltic and North Sea.
  • Training and knowledge/technology transfer nationally and internationally.