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There can be a variarity of reasons for joining ODIN. Some are just curious about our patent-free model, some want to scout for new technologies and talents, others have ideas or industrial needs that they want to transform into research projects while others have ideas for new research projects, and yet others just want to take part in networking events. Whatever the reason, everyone is welcome in ODIN.

On this page, you can find the link to our online collaboration platform. This is where the online matchmaking takes place - and it's also where you will find recordings and materials from events.

You can also view or download our short information folder, which (among other things) provides an overview of the Open Innovation in Science concept that ODIN is based on.

Use the links below for more detailed information for companies and university researchers.


We unite right minds from industry and academia so that they can jointly create need-driven research projects - and pave the way for innovative new treatments in the future. Through competitive funding calls, we fund the best projects ideas. Although companies cannot receive funding, it is free of charge to join.

The 5-year platform is sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with 180 M DKK from 2024-2028.


You are always welcome to reach out if you have questions or comments. Reach out to odin@au.dk or find the Secretariat's direct email addresses under contacts.

Although we're spanning five Danish universities, we're based in Aarhus. Our office is located at Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade 121, blg 1521-216.