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As an academic researcher, there can be many different reasons to join the ODIN platform. Below, we have highlighted some of the main reasons according to participants in the ODIN pilot project (running from 2020-2023):

  • GROW YOUR NETWORK & GET ACCESS TO NEW RESOURCES – both in academia and industry. If you become part of a project, you will be part of close knit collaboration with industry, ywhere ou can tap into their expertice, know-how, materials and models.
  • LESS RED TAPE: Without IP, there is no need for lengthy contract negotiations.
  • ACCELERATE DISCOVERIES: Openness is a well-known accelerator of discoveries, that can increase quality and strengthen the impact of science. 
  • FIND FUNDING FOR NEED-DRIVEN RESEARCH PROJECTS: In ODIN, we offer competitive funding for the best project ideas that are co-created by academia and industry. Contact us, if you are not based at one of our partner universities - we'll help you find out if your home institution is interested in working in the open ODIN setting.
  • HAVE FUN: You have more academic freedom and there is no demand for a certain end product

All you have to do to join ODIN, is to sign up on our online collaboration platform (see links below). It's quick and easy.

Academic freedom makes it more fun to work on ODIN projects according to the midterm evaluation of the ODIN pilot (2020-2023).


Whether you want to join ODIN our of curiosity, to apply for funding or to expand your network, you are very welcome.

Below, we have listed a few things that are good to know:

  • EVERYONE'S WELCOME: There are no strict access requirements or fees to participate in ODIN. If you are interested in research relevant for drug discovery and diagnostics, you are welcome in ODIN. 
  • OPENNESS IS KEY: If you would like to apply for funding for an ODIN project, you must be a tenured researcher working at a university, which can comply with our open terms. ODIN's partner universities (see above) have alredy accepted the open terms, but researchers from other universities (Denmark or abroad) are also very welcome in ODIN. Feel free to contact us, if your home university is not a partner in ODIN.
  • COLLABORATION PARTNERS REQUIRED: ODIN focuses not only on openness but also on collaboration. Therefore, you can only apply for project funding as a team. The team must consists of at least two tenured university researchers (the main applicant from a partner university) as well as a minimum of one company.
  • INDUSTRY RELEVANCE: ODIN's aim is to accelerate drug discovery and finding new diagnostics. Therefore, our funded projects must focus on industry challenges to help them speed up the process of drug discovery and creating better diagnostics.

Below you will find the link to our online platform, where you can register to become part of ODIN.

The projects are faster to initiate due to the removal of IP negotiations, openness helps accelerate discoveries and elevate the field. This is shown in the midterm evaluation of the ODIN pilot (2020-2023).


We unite right minds from industry and academia so that they can jointly create need-driven research projects - and pave the way for innovative new treatments in the future. Through competitive funding calls, we fund the best projects ideas. Although companies cannot receive funding, it is free of charge to join.

The 5-year platform is sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with 180 M DKK from 2024-2028.


You are always welcome to reach out if you have questions or comments. Reach out to odin@au.dk or find the Secretariat's direct email addresses under contacts.

Although we're spanning five Danish universities, we're based in Aarhus. Our office is located at Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade 121, blg 1521-216.