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ODIN projects are inspired by unmet medical needs and industrial challenges - and the projects are co-created by both companies and university researchers. Below, we have highlighted some of the main reasons why you should join ODIN as a company:

  • EASE OF COLLABORATION: ODIN is a quicker and more effective way of entering into academic collaborations. Without IP negotiations (as there is no IP involved), there is less red taope, and we use the same standard project agreement for all funded projects. The project agreement is to be entered by all project participants before starting an ODIN project. This Project Agreement is non-negotiable, as the terms and agreement have already been defined by the founding companies and partner universities for the purpose of ease-of-collaboration. The Project Agreement can be found here at the website under "About ODIN".
  • SCOUT NEW TECHNOLOGY & GET ACCESS TO NEW RESOURCES: Use ODIN to keep tabs on cutting edge technologies from academia. ODIN is also a possibility for you to get access to clinical materials.
  • SOURCE INPUT AND PARTNERS: Use ODIN to address unsolved challenges in your comapny R & D through needs-inspired, precompertitive research. ODIN helps you source the input and partners you need - free of charge.
  • DE-RISK WILD IDEAS: ODIN is an opportunity to engage in more complex projects and long-term investments in knowledge building and exploratory R&D within topics that complement or extend internal R&D aims.
  • ACCESS NEW TALENT: Although projects are lead by tenured researchers, your company will get first hand experience with non-tenured researchers that might plan on an industrial career after academia.

In ODIN, there's no fighting over legal stuff. We use the same pre-negotiated project agreements for all funded projects. With our no-IP model, there is no need for IP negotiations.

"ODIN is not just for big pharma companies. There are also several reasons for joining ODIN as an SME. From the ODIN pilot project we know that it is an opportunity to showcase and develop your skills and expand your network at the same time. You will increase your visibility to both new collaborators and potential clients."

Marie Louise Conradsen, Head of ODIN 


Especialle for SMEs, ODIN is an opportunity to engage in collaborative R&D despite limited internal resources for R&D – by being able to tap into a larger and partially funded research collaboration. Other advantages offered by ODIN, that might be of special interest to SMEs, are:

  • SHOWCASE & DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS: By being part of ODIN, you can showcase and hone specialized skills and service offerings (which ODIN SMEs often describe as a key competitive parameter, usually more important than IP)
  • EXPAND YOUR NETWORK: Increase your visibility and access to new collaborators and potential clients.
  • DE-RISK RESEARCH COLLABORATION: You can engage in collaborative R&D despite limited internal ressoruces for R&D - by tapping into a larger and partially funded research project. 


Companies are not required to participate in ODIN projects - a company can also become part of the ODIN platform to strengthen networking or stay up-to-date on the progress of funded projects.

If you are planning to take part in an ODIN project, here are a few things you should know:

  • NO MEMBERSHIP FEES: There are no membership fees or cash-requirements in ODIN. Your company does not have to invest anything but time to be part of the platform. If you agree to participate in an ODIN project, we only expect you to contribute in-kind.
  • EVERYONE'S WELCOME: The focus area of ODIN is druc discovery. If this topic is releavnt to your company, you are welcome to join us irrespective of your geografical location and interest areas (see below how to access our online platform)
  • NO PROJECT FUNDING FOR COMPANIES: ODIN only funds the participation of non-for-profit organisations in our projects. This is due to the terms and conditions of our grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, which also does not support for-profit organisations. However, it is free to join our platform and we only require in-kind contributions (intellectual, material, etc.) insofar your company is part of a funded ODIN project. 
  • OPENNESS IS KEY: If your company would like to participate in an ODIN project relevant to you, you must be able to collaborate in an open setting. This means that all foreground knowledge from the funded research projects will be shared openly and without IP with the public (you can download the ODIN Project Agreement via the link in the blue box). We will of course not share any background knowledge, and your company is free to pursuit any innovation potential that you see in the open results. You can find our legal framework on our online platform (see link below).
  • COLLABORATION PARTNERS REQUIRED: In ODIN you can collaborate with researchers and companies from around the world. The only requirement is that there are at least two tenured university researchers (the main applicant from a partner university ) involved in the project.

Below you will find the link to our online platform, where you can register to become part of ODIN.

The project participants share the risk in high-risk/high-gain projects according to the midterm evaluation of the ODIN pilot (2020-2023)


We unite right minds from industry and academia so that they can jointly create need-driven research projects - and pave the way for innovative new treatments in the future. Through competitive funding calls, we fund the best projects ideas. Although companies cannot receive funding, it is free of charge to join.

The 5-year platform is sponsored by the Novo Nordisk Foundation with 180 M DKK from 2024-2028.


You are always welcome to reach out if you have questions or comments. Reach out to odin@au.dk or find the Secretariat's direct email addresses under contacts.

Although we're spanning five Danish universities, we're based in Aarhus. Our office is located at Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade 121, blg 1521-216.