• M4Models
  • Manure Management for Methane Mitigation
  • Improved inventory modelling to support policy actions


Manure management is a main source of methane (CH4) emissions. Mitigation options such as biogas treatment exist, but effects cannot be verified and are not accounted for in inventories.

In this project, a new method to estimate CH4 emissions from manure will be used to investigate farm-level greenhouse gas mitigation, and for upscaling to national inventories. Partners are DE, DK (coord.), NL, SE and the company Bioprocess Control (BPC).

Experimental results will be used to parameterise sub-models of daily CH4 emission for use in analysing country-specific scenarios with the model FarmAC. GHG mitigation scenarios, incl. C storage and N use efficiency, will be studied and the results upscaled for inventories.

A presentation of the VIDEO from autumn 2021.