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Animal, Landscape and Man Simulation System

ALMaSS is a major part of SESS, based on 20 years of research and development in AU Kalø. This system provides an integrated framework for simulation of landscapes, farming and physical chemical environment. This ‘landscape’ simulation is a powerful tool in its own right, but also forms the environment into which animal and people can be modelled. This software is at the cutting edge of environmental simulation and provides the basis for most of the SESS approaches. 

ALMaSS was constructed to be a highly flexible system of models for use in predicting the impact of man's management of the landscape on a range of key animal species. It is an agent-based model system, which means that, for example, animals are modelled as individuals (agents), which will move around inside a virtual landscape to breed and die much in the same way as the real animals do in their natural environment. Similarly, people agents can make decisions and carry out management in the simulation.

ALMaSS is integral to H2020 projects; EcoStack, B-GOOD and PoshBee, as well as the EFSA project MUST-B. 

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Documentation of the ALMaSS code is an ongoing project and the latest documentation version can be found here: ALMaSS ODdox

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