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Megafauna Day - May 3rd 2017

One day symposium. May 3, 2017

Megafauna: Learning from the past to build a sustainable future.   

One day symposium, Megafauna: Learning from the past to build a sustainable future. May 3, 2017

The MegaPast2Future project is hosting an engaging one day symposium:

"Megafauna: Learning from the past to build a sustainable future”

on May 3, 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark. This symposium will feature researchers from around the world investigating a range of megafauna topics from paleontology to ecosystem theory and modern conservation. 

Aarhus is ranked a top travel destination by Lonely Planet, The Guardian, and The New York Times, and is an especially exciting place to visit this spring as it is now Europe's Official Capital of Culture. The symposium will take place in the striking Moesgaard Museum (http://www.moesgaardmuseum.dk/en/), which among other fascinating artifacts features aurochs, amazing Bronze Age weapons, and the world’s best preserved bog mummy. 

Spaces are limited! Reserve your ticket here: https://auws.au.dk/forms/frm1Arrangement.aspx?value=636246643690126265&id=32367 Price is 340 DKK. 

More info about the hosting lab and our megafauna research (http://projects.au.dk/mega/)

Confirmed speakers:

Jens-Christian Svenning
Aarhus University

Felisa Smith
University of New Mexico

Felix Riede
Aarhus University

Søren Faurby
University of Gothenburg

Chris Doughty
Northern Arizona University

Liesbeth Bakker
Netherlands Institute of Ecology

Dennis Hansen
University of Zurich

Mauro Galetti
São Paulo State University

Michael Harfoot
United Nations Environment Programme
World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Samuel Turvey
Zoological Society of London

Isabelle Boulangeat
Camilla Fløjgaard
Timo Conradi
Matt Davis
Andreas Schweiger

MegaFaunaDay group photo