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  • Dyring, Rasmus and Grøn, Lone (submitted) “Ellen and the Little One: A Critical Phenomenology of Potentiality in Life with Dementia”, submitted to Anthropological Theory.
  • Mattingly, Cheryl.  Critical Phenomenology and Mental Health: Moral Experience under Extraordinary Conditions.  Ethos 47 (1): 115-125. 2019.
  • Mattingly, Cheryl.  Waiting:  Anticipation and Episodic Time. Cambridge Journal of Anthropology. 37 (1): 17-31. 2019.
  • Mattingly, Cheryl. Defrosting Concepts, Destabilizing Doxa:  Critical Phenomenology and the Perplexing Particular.  Anthropological Theory 19 (4): 415-439. 2019.


Book chapters 

  • Meinert, Lotte. “Vulnerability as Relational: Cash and Care for Elderly Ik in Uganda”. In Vulnerability and the Politics of Care: Cross-Disciplinary Dialogues. Edited by Victoria Browne, Jason Danely, Doerthe Rosenow. Oxford University Press. Book chapter revised and re-submitted.


Books and edited volumes

  •  Imagistic Care:  Troubling intimate others and the good life in old age.  Mattingly, Cheryl and Grøn, Lone (co-editors). Submitted to Fordham University Press, New York. 
  •  Disability and Technology in Africa. Muyinda, Herbert and Whyte, Susan (co-editors). Submitted to Africa: Journal of the International African Institute.


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Special issues/books/book chapters peer reviewed

  • Mattingly, C. and T. Wentzer.  Toward a New Humanism. (Guest Editors, Special Section) HAU:  Journal of Ethnographic Theory 8 (1/2)


Articles peer reviewed

  • Wentzer, T. and Mattingly, C.  Toward a New Humanism:  An Approach from Philosophical Anthropology.  HAU:  Journal of Ethnographic Theory. 8 (1/2): 144–157
  • Mattingly, C.  Ordinary Possibility, Transcendent Immanence and Responsive Ethics:  A Philosophical Anthropology of the Small Event. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory.  8 (1/2): 172–184
  • Gron, L. and Mattingly, C.  In Search of the Good Old Life: Ontological Breakdown and Responsive Hope at the Margins of Life. Death Studies. 42(5):306-313.