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The purpose of this project is to investigate and support socio-cultural transition towards climate friendly vacation practices.

Whether such vacations come in the shape of low carbon transport, different destinations, local travel, stay at home vacations, low-GHG dining, or preference for low/zero carbon activities and accommodation, the project aims to develop

  • an in-depth comprehension of people’s potential adop­tion of climate friendly vacation forms
  • the socio-cultural benefits such vacation forms may provide
  • the barriers climate they are likely to encoun­ter

The purpose of the project is furthermore to

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the imaginaries and sentiments that pervade and inspire vacation desires and planning, and the bearing climate/sustainability concerns may or may not have on these.
  • Improve our understanding of the interaction between media narrations (on various platforms) and social practices in pro­cesses of sustainable transition.
  • Advance our understanding of informal learning processes – through media and in real life interaction – as an integral part of sustainable tran­sition.
  • Identify emergent trends in and preconditions for further integration of green transition perspectives in people’s lifeworld.
  • Through these contributions advance Danish research in behavioural aspects of green transition.