About Deep Frontier

The Deep Frontier project was developing methods, facilities and ideas for future research into sustainable food production. 

With the work carried out in the Deep Frontier project, our understanding of deep rooting has improved, i.e. what determines deep rooting, the activities of deep roots and which resources  from deep soil layers are utilized by plants. The project also studied cropping systems with deep rooted species.

Exploiting subsoil resources
With this research focus, the overall aim was to increase the exploitation of the subsoil resources by deep roots and thereby enhance food production in a sustainable way, as the need for resource input for food production and nutrient losses to the environment will be reduced. Additionally, the  insights gained can contribute to climate change mitigation and improve soil biodiversity through the increased organic matter input to the soil.

The Deep Frontier project was carried out by University of Copenhagen, University of Aarhus and ICROFS (International Center for Research in Organic Food Systems). The project is funded by the Villum Foundation and was carried out from September 2014 – December 2020.

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