Facilities that are one of a kind

Photo: Camilla Ruø Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen

Unique research facilities

At Højbakkegård in Taastrup, Denmark Deep Frontier has established two types of facilities in which deep rooted crops and their roots can be studied. Also, microbes and nutrients in deep soil layers can be studied at these facilities:

  • 12 root towers that are each 4 meters tall and in which it is possible to study root growth, microbes and uptake of nutrients and water at the various soil depths.
  • 24 field plots with tubes for ingrowth cores down to 5 meters, placed at 30⁰ angles in each plot as well as minirhizotrons, in order to get real time images of the roots.

Additionally, Deep Frontier is developing methods to study root growth and resource uptake in deep soil, because research methods are currently sparse for studying deep soil layers.