Aarhus University Seal

How to get here


The event is taking place at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aarhus University

Address: Ny Munkegade 118 (Building 1530)
             8000 Aarhus C


By car

Parking lots are situated at the Department of Mathematical Sciences

By train

Opposite the main entrance of the train station, you will find a 7-Eleven. Turn left in front of this shop and continue around the corner, you will pass a Burger King. Shortly thereafter, you will arrive at the bus stop for bus 2A (direction 'Skejby sygehus') and bus 16 (direction 'Hasle' ) - the direction of the bus is given above the front window; both of these pass by the university. Get off at the stop 'Kaserneboulevarden' (bus stops are announced through a speaker in the bus). From here, it is only a short walk via 'Langelandsgade' to 'Ny Munkegade'.

From the main train station, it is only a short walk to Comfort Hotel Atlantic and Cabinn.

By plane

Note: it may be cheaper and more convenient to book a plane to Copenhagen and go by train to Aarhus... see below.

Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup (AAR)

The airport bus from Aarhus Airport/Tirstrup stops at the University (Ndr. Ringgade) and at the Aarhus main train station. Duration: 45 min. cost: DKK 100. Please let the driver know if you need to get off at the Ndr. Ringgade bus stop. From the bus stop at Ndr. Ringgade, it is only a short walk to the AU Guesthouse and to the Department of Mathematical Science. From the main train station, you can easily walk to Cabinn or Comfort Hotel Atlantic - please see link for directions. Duration: 45 min., cost: DKK 100.

Billund Airport (BILL)

The airport bus from Billund Airport stops at SAS Radisson Hotel/Scandinavian Center at the city centre - a few minutes' walk from the main train station (see above). Duration: 1½ hours, cost: 180 DKK.

From the SAS Radisson/Billund airport busstop, it takes 8-10 minutes to walk to Cabinn or Comfort Hotel Atlantic.

Copenhagen Airport/Kastrup (CPH)

From Copenhagen Airport, you can travel directly to Aarhus by train. Duration: 3½ hours, cost: DKK 388 (incl. seat reservation)