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Workshop activities and goals

Each participant will submit a short position paper (2 - 3 pages) presenting a brief overview of their work, along with a specific empirical case from their research. The case and its implications will be presented to add detail during the first part of the day. Presenting empirical cases will provide fodder for discussion among the group. Each presentation will be followed by questions.

At the end of the presentations, participants will discuss emergent themes among the presenters as well as an outline of key open research questions in this space going forward.

In the afternoon, the workshop breaks into groups and have small group discussion where people reflect on the presentations and themes of the morning and share more about their own research interests.

In the final part of the workshop, participants reconvene as a large group to talk about a future agenda for research, and include a short section on funding—how are people getting funding for this work, what are opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, and so on. We will move on to optional dinner.

The outputs of the workshop will be:

  1. A workshop poster to presented at CSCW on healthcare data research, including key research themes and an agenda for future research in this area;
  2. A proposal for a special issue of Journal of CSCW  on healthcare data, with presenters having the opportunity to join in organizing the issue as well as develop their position papers into submissions for the special issue;
  3. A compendium of funding resources and knowledge sharing about how to create fundable research projects in this area including multidisciplinary research.