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Some of the activities related to NordicWelfAir:

June, 2016:

June 1-3, 2016 the Second annual NordicWelfAir workshop was held at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki. Ca. 38 persons from the Nordic research groups involved in the project participated in this very successful workshop, organized by FMI.

August, 2016:

WP1 - Emission Workshop in Reykjavik. 

October, 2016:

Otto Hänninen (National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland) and Mikael Skou Andersen (University of Aarhus, Denmark) – both involved in the NordicWelfAir project - are co-organizing a Symposium on Health Effects of Air Pollution at the International Society of Exposure Science (ISES) annual meeting: http://ises2016.org/

This symposium brings together experts from the leading institutions in USA and Nordic countries to present the current state of art, needs, and prospects for improving and applying health impact assessments for air pollution and understanding the associated uncertainties. The focus is on Northern Europe conditions, but the interests are shared among all similar climatological regions globally.

March 2017:

WP4 - Economic valuation Workshop in Oslo.


The Picture below is taken at the Vigelands Park in Olso, March, 2017.