NORBARAG is a Nordic Baltic collaboration about pesticide resistance research and pesticide efficacy evaluation. The network include representatives of research institutes in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden and of the agrochemical companies operating in the Nordic-Baltic region.    


  • to provide a forum for information exchange between people actively involved in research into pesticide resistance and efficacy evaluation of pesticides

  • to ensure that cases of resistance in the Nordic-Baltic region is verified and listed

  • to discuss strategies to avoid resistance and to manage resistant populations

  • to define research needs, discuss test methodologies and agree on standards

  • to promote collaboration on resistance screening and other research topics related to pesticide resistance

  • to promote awareness on pesticide resistance issues e.g. by producing educational material

  • to maintain contacts to similar groups in other countries

NORBARAG is independent but maintains contacts to HRAC, FRAC and IRAC which only have representation from the agrochemical industry.


NorBaRAG is divided in three subgroups. Each subgroup addresses their specific questions on the presence, spread and management of fungicide, herbicide and insecticide resistance. The subgroups interact with their respective international or European counterparts lead by the industry, such as FRAC (www.frac.info),  IRAC (www.irac-online.org/) and HRAC (http://hracglobal.com/).


Fungicide resistance subgroup

Andres Mäe
Estonian Crop Research Institute

Herbicide resistance subgroup

Björn Ringselle

Insecticide resistance subgroup

Temporary lead

Dorte Højland Castberg
AGROLAB, Denmark