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De danske sider om AUSAT og Delphini-1 finder du ved at klikke på ordet 'Danish' i den blå bjælke øverst

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==== Delphini-1 UPDATE 16.3.2021 =====

Delphini-1 has now ended its mission when it burned up in the atmosphere on the 14th of March 2021.
Below is the orbital height of Delphini-1 throughout the mission lifetime from deployment from the ISS to last measured detection of the satellite.

==== Delphini-1 UPDATE 25.9.2020 =====


More than one and a half year has passed since the deployment of Delphini-1. The satellite is still going strong and we are regularly posting news on our Facebook page: Delphini-1



Old updates:

==== Delphini-1 UPDATE 15.2.2019 =====

We finally managed to get our ground station up and running after replacing some components! Now we can finally communicate with Delphini-1 properly! Apart from testing all the sub-components we also know that our camera is well. Next step: download pictures!

Thank you GomSpace Group for helping us on such a short notice! We would also like to express our special thanks to Aalborg University and also to all the radio amateurs who were monitoring Delphini-1! It was really important for us to know that our satellite was alive and well.


==== Delphini-1 UPDATE 12.2.2019 =====

Our Delphini-1 satellite is still doing well and we have identified the problems in our ground station to be connected to some hardware parts. We are glad that the hickups we experienced are not connected to the satellite but to the equipment on ground, to which we have easy access. We hope to fix these components asap


==== Delphini-1 UPDATE 7.2.2019 =====

We are happy to inform you that we have just received beacons from Delphini-1 !!!
Our satellite is well and alive and now the real mission will start. There are still many things to do, but now we can finally open the Champaign bottles!
Thanks GOMSpace for the support!

We will get back with more details! Stay tuned!


Delphini-1 was succesful deployed yesterday 31 January at 13:00 Danish time. We are still trying to establish communication with the satellite.   

Stay tuned we will share information as soon as we establish contact. Keep an eye on our webpage, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


The AUSAT project

AUSAT is a strategic project aiming at assessing, designing and developing nano-satellites for research

and education at Aarhus University. This is done across departments at Science and Technology and in close collaboration with the industry partner GomSpace A/S.

In the AUSAT project we are planning to launch a series of science related nanosatellites under the aigis of Aarhus University and in a close collaboration between three partners at the university: The Department of Physics and Astronomy, The Department of Engineering and The Department of Geoscience.

We are exploring the unique opportunities of synergies between industry and the university efforts of research and education. The importance of our endeavour is marked by the newly implemented Danish National Space Strategy published in June 2016.


Delphini-1 is the first mission under the AUSAT space programme. 

Delphini-1 is funded mainly by the Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF).

The European Space Agency, ESA, has offered Aarhus University a free launch. This is done due to the Danish membership of ESA and our participation in the International Space Station programme via the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.