Aarhus University Seal

Ground Control

"Delphini-1 calling Aarhus Control - do you read me?"

Control Station Katrinebjerg                       

Two elements are needed for communications with a satellite like Delphini-1:

An antenna that can follow the satellite as it passes over our local horizon in it's orbit, with antenna pointing control hardware and software. With this comes radio receiving and transmitting equipment for downloading data and uploading control information.


Both these elements are supplied as a package by GOMspace.

The antenna and the radio equipment is situated at the Department of Engineering, AU Katrinebjerg.

Control Room

On top of this there is a need for a place to be while communicating with the satellite, while waiting for it to appear and for the antenna to link on to it, to do outreach for the Delphini-1 project to visiting educational groups and the press.

This is the control room, situated in building 1525 at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.


Not exactly Houston - but it comes close!