The aim of HUBCAP is to deliver a vision of a sustainable network of SMEs, DIHs and other actors that enables and encourages suppliers and users of CPS models and MBD tools to meet and collaborate. Working with the hubs, SMEs will be able to access central funding for experiments via open calls as well as direct support. Members will make models, tools, training materials and expertise available to each other, either freely or on a commercial basis, making it faster and easier to access MBD CPS engineering tools. This ecosystem is supported by means of a collaborative platform. The project objectives aim to deliver this vision:

  • ESTABLISH Create a network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) that will offer a comprehensive set of digital innovation services, including supporting businesses to experiment with MBD for CPSs; find investments and business opportunities; access to the innovation ecosystem across borders and DIHs; access skills and training. HUBCAP will achieve active involvement of the 60+ fully operational EU DIHs in the Catalogue2 expressing their Smart Specialisation in CPSs and Embedded Systems.
  • ENGAGE Bring together the innovation ecosystem for MBD of CPSs and embedded systems with over 1 000 stakeholders from start-ups, SMEs, technology providers, CPS experts and investors. All of them interacting with HUBCAP as a one-stop-shop for accessing MBD competencies, technologies, best practices, methods, business and funding opportunities, governed by a well-defined methodology for digital transformation in all industries.
  • SUPPORT Upgrade capacity of SMEs to leverage MBD technology in CPS design. DIHs will support 30-40 SME-driven cross-border experiments through open calls, aiming to validate MBD technology in their domain, realise new opportunities, refining and tuning the services and brokerage offered by the DIHs themselves.
  • BUILD Enable collaboration by creating an open, cloud-based innovation platform that allows businesses to contribute and access assets needed to undertake using MBD for building CPS solutions on the scale required for SMEs. Assets will include both models and services. The assets will be available on a pay-per-use basis to allow businesses to manage their investment in MBD technology and to promote experimentation. The platform will be populated with assets contributed initially by the partners, and then by a wide range of businesses wishing to engage with the target SME markets.
  • SUSTAIN Ensure sustainability by developing a well-founded and credible business and exploitation plan for the (association community alliance no-profit commercial startup) considering its role of mediator and broker among the community and the network of selected DIHs.


Digital Innovation HUBs and Collaborative Platform for Cyber-Physical Systems

Schedule: 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022

Financial framework: Horizon 2020, 8M Euro, grant agreement number 872698

Contact: Professor Peter Gorm Larsen, pgl@eng.au.dk