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Bioscience, Silkeborg

Tage Dalsgaard

Europa Scientific Tracermass with Tripple collector. Gas samples are injected via a gas chromatograph (Robo-Prep-G+). Solid samples are introduced through an elemental analyzer (RoboPrep C/N) coupled to the mass spectrometer.

Gas or solid samples, relatively low sensitivity. Only analysis of enriched samples.

Bioscience, Aarhus

Nils Risgaard-Petersen

Thermo Delta V Plus equipped with trippel collector and HD collector with 2 faraday  cups.  Thermo Gasbench , Thermo preCon (for trace gas analysis (e.g. N2O, CH4)), Thermo Flash EA for solid phase C and N analysis (can be configured for S and H and O)

Gas or solid samples

Sercon: 20-22 IRMS system configured for N2, CO2, SO2.  Sercon GSL (EA and gas prep system) including XLS7400 XYZ Gas Autosampler

Gas or solid samples. Natural abundance and enriched samples

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Jesper Olsen

GV Instruments IsoPrime equipped with tripple collectors. Dual Inlet (DI-IRMS) gas samples (off-line prepared) for H2, N2, CO2,SO2. Elemental Analyser continous flow (EA-CF-IRMS) for solid samples (N,C, S) and water samples (liquid) for H analysis

High sensitivity, natural abundance only, gas or solid samples