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As a part of rethinkIMPACTS 2017, researchers from a variety of disciplines were invited to engage in research on Aarhus 2017 from the perspective of their own research area.

Researchers from across institutes and faculties at Aarhus University as well as guest researchers have thus conducted to the development of methods on the evaluation of culture and the analysis of Aarhus as European Capital of Culture.

rethinkIMPACTS 2017 has supplied minor funding for these projects that have been carried out in collaboration with the research manager. The facilitation of interdisciplinary research was one of the aims of the engagement of Aarhus University in the strategic partnership with Aarhus 2017.

In addition to facilitating research, rethinkIMPACTS 2017 has also engaged in international academic networks on Capitals of Culture and on the evaluation of culture. A strong partnership has been established with Hull University around their engagement in UK City of Culture Hull 2017.

rethinkIMPACTS 2017 has also been an active member of UNeECC, The University Network of European Capitals of Culture.

The evaluation of Aarhus 2017 has been presented at academic conferences such as Social Theory, Politics and the Arts, International Conference on Cultural Policy, International Association for Media and Communication Research.    

Research Manager