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Refurbishing Foods - Laurits Jørgensen

What is Refurbishing Foods?

The business idea is based on reducing waste of resources, by qualifying and treating residual products from food production to the development of new foods. This will bring circular economy into the food sector. By this method, biowaste is seen as a resource that creates value and can contribute to economic growth. Based on residual products, RF has developed a food range that will be available to consumers through B2B sales to retail companies, catering, cafes / restaurants. RF’s philosophy is based on responsible consumption (SDG 12) within the planetary boundaries.

Can you tell how Food eHub have supported you the best?

"The mentoring part has definitely been helpful. It helped us setting up milepoles and always have a clear direction. FOOD eHub has also helped us setting up contact to the proper channels. E.g.  outer packaging supplier and help in product development."

Laurits Jørgensen