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Meet some of our startups

Olden Kombucha - Andrei Ogrezeanu

What is Olden Kombucha?

Olden Kombucha is a local company with the office in The Kitchen and the production facility in Grenaa. We make delicious kombucha that is low in sugar and has unique flavors that makes it a great alternative to alcohol or soda beverages.

We use only organic ingredients and over the last three years a lot of effort had been put into R&D with the purpose of making a product that allows our company to differentiate from competition by having a unique scalable production process and have our products stored at room temperature while keeping the scientific base on the health benefits of drinking kombucha.

We are currently selling raw kombucha for another brand called Kombucha Spirits while we are collaborating with that brand for launching a new low cost kombucha brand called Medela and finally, our own brand, Olden Kombucha, is currently underway on getting local traction at events, coffee shops and restaurants from Aarhus.


Can you tell how Food Hub have supported you the best?

"Charlotte helped me along the way of growing the company with morale support, which was something I found especially valuable since the journey of being an entrepreneur comes with many ups and downs. Having someone to share and discuss the progress, challenges and ideas motivated me to go forward even in the harder periods. Charlotte also helped me with advices, proofreading for funding applications and links to useful tools, ideas and opportunities.

Having the meetings with Charlotte had been very useful for me so I think it's great that AU FOOD developed this initiative” 

/ Andrei Ogrezeanu, 9.06.21.

GS Supply

What is GS Supply?

GS-Supply is a Danish company headquartered in Aarhus. To go back to the beginning of the story, we were two entrepreneurs who wanted to live out our vision of making sustainability easy for the style-conscious business owner.

At GS-Supply, sustainability and design go hand in hand, and one certainly does not exclude the other.

We have a desire to help create a better future. This is why our products are most often made of sustainable material. But at the same time, we want you, as business owners, to still have the sustainable packaging that is ideal for your business.

This has resulted in you being able to get customized products, all of which are made of environmentally friendly material.

We make it easy for you to make the choice that is best for our future.