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The Aerobiology Group

Our group studies the interactions between airborne microorganisms and atmospheric processes, with the Arctic as one of the particular focus areas. We have access to state-of-the-art instruments for studying biological aerosols, e.g. small aircrafts, climate chamber, electron microscopes, flow cytometry.

Departments: Bioscience, Environmental Science, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry and Aarhus Centre for Analytical Chemistry

Our group studies physical properties and chemical composition of aerosols as well as molecular reactions at interfaces. We have top-notch instrumentation for aerosol characterization, including the AU environmental chamber facility (AURA) and brand-new sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy. 

Department of Chemistry

The Air Quality Engineering group

Our group works on reducing emission from intensive livestock production and studies gas-particle partitioning of semi-volatile pollutants.

Department of Engineering

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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Arctic Research Center

Our group studies atmospheric processes in the Arctic and in Denmark, by using state-of-the-art instrumentation for physico-chemical characterization of aerosols.

Department of Environmental Science

Department of Physics and Astronomy

One part of our group investigates the formation, transport, evolution and deposition of micron-scale aerosols through the troposphere/stratosphere. We have a unique environmental simulation facility, in which atmospheric conditions can be controlled and aerosols can be studied using sophisticated laser based techniques. Another part of our group investigates key atmospheric processes such as ionization and oxidation reaction using the novel XRING (XUV storage RING) laboratory at ASTRID2.

Environmental Occupation and Heath

Our group studies allergies, respiratory health and clinical outcomes of long term exposure. We have a newly renovated environmental human exposure chambers that are world class facilities.

Department of Health

Center for Intergrated Register-based Research (CIRRAU)

Our group focusses on register-based epidemiology and provides the unique possibility to link environmental exposure to aerosol particles in point and time to persons and their health outcomes.

School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS)