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ECSCW Workshop

Data-work in Healthcare

  • New roles, tasks and challenges.

We hereby invite researchers to contribute to the theme of data-work in healthcare.

At ECSCW´17, Monday 28th of August 2017 in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Increasingly, citizens and healthcare professionals are engaged in ‘data work’ when dealing with treatment and care for diseases. Citizens generate data on their own health situation, the healthcare sector promotes ‘patient reported outcome measures’ (PROM), and electronic healthcare records (EHR) enable the generation and accumulation of data upon healthcare services for the monitoring of costs, efficiency and quality. As such, new work ecologies are developing in healthcare that shift the divisions of work between citizens and healthcare professionals, as well as the content of the work involved in being ‘a patient’ or a healthcare professional including medical secretaries, assistants, nurses, and physicians. Facilitating development of health data practice and infrastructure is an area ripe for CSCW research. Critical topics include but are not limited to: re-purposing of clinical data for second order usages; politics of creating and using data; algorithmic authority of IIH and effects on the exercise of expertise and discretion of healthcare professions; new forms of healthcare data work, including new occupations and tasks; and data-driven accountability and management in healthcare.

Call for papers

We call for submission of short position paper (2 -4 pages.) presenting a brief overview of the focus of work, along with a specific empirical case from research.


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Important dates:

Submission: 26th of May 2017

Notification: 2nd of June 2017

Special Issue in Health Informatics Journal

Accepted workshop papers will be invited to submit to a special issue of Health Informatics Journal upon ‘data work in healthcare’ to appear mid-2018. Tentative deadline for submissions 1st of October 2018.


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