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Citizen Science i Danmark - projekter, litteratur og aktører. Center for Videnskabsstudier, Aarhus Universitet. 2020. (in Danish). Mapping of projects, literature and actors in citizen science in Denmark. 

News articles

Showcase of citizen science by ERC grantees and other EU-funded projects. European Research Council. 29 Nov. 2022. Mention of ScienceAtHome (in Danish).

Citizen science. Danmarks Jægerforbund. 28 Nov. 2022. About: citizen science at Ecoscience, especially in relation to birds (in Danish).

Debat: Gør citizen science virkelig forskning mere demokratisk? Videnskab.dk. 26 Nov. 2020. Discussion whether citizen science makes science more democratic (in Danish).

Danmark halter bagud med citizen science. Videnskab.dk. 19 Nov. 2020. About: citizen science in Denmark, report mentioned at top of this page (in Danish).

Vær med i forskningsprojekt: Kan spil hjælpe os til at arbejde bedre sammen? Videnskab.dk. 19 Apr. 2020. About the ScienceAtHome project Crystal Crop Fever (in Danish). 

Spil computerspil, og hjælp forskerne med at forstå, hvad hjernen kan. Videnskab.dk. 16 Apr. 2020. About the ScienceAtHome game Skill Lab (in Danish).

Citizen science: Hjælp en biolog. Videnskab.dk. 19 Jun. 2017. Mention of Hennig Heldbjerg's work on birds and citizen science (in Danish).

Citizen Science: Hjælp en fysiker. Videnskab.dk. 12 Jun. 2017. About: ScienceAtHome (in Danish).