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Project periode: 2021-2023

Partners: AU ENVS and DTU FOOD

The UN Sustainable Development Goal ‘public access to safe and clean drinking water’ is under pressure, as toxic chemical residues from anthropogenic activities, such as flame retardants and pesticides, may contaminate drinking water systems.

We have discovered thousands of chemical substances in Danish drinking water supplies. With current non-targeted chemical screening analysis, only a few per cent of these substances can be identified and quantified, and we need to characterise the complete chemical profile to understand the implications.

This project will further develop non-targeted chemical screening, machine learning algorithms and effect-based methods to monitor drinking water quality, ensuring hazardous chemicals, if present, are reliably identified and quantified.

We will apply this concept to drinking water samples collected from regions across Denmark that are impacted by pollution from industry, urban and agricultural settings, to more pristine environments.

Research project awarded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark | Technology and Production Sciences"