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ECO-play, learning in, about and for nature

  • A European early childhood for sustainable development project

About the project

The ECO-play project is a pan-European initiative to identify and promote positive attitudes toward the natural environment through enhancing the knowledge and understanding of early years staff and young children and practices in childcare settings. This is a pilot project for which we will seek external funding.


  • Hazel Wright
  • Paulette Luff
  • Marianne Høyen
  • José Gonzalès-Monteagudo

More about the participants and contact information

Project team

Project Leader

Dr Hazel Wright
Anglia Ruskin University
East Road
Cambridge CB1 1PT, UK


Project Team

In England

Dr Paulette Luff
Anglia Ruskin University
Bishop Hall Lane
Chelmsford CM1 1SQ, UK


In Denmark

ph.d. Marianne Høyen
University of Aarhus
Tuborgvej 164
2400 København NV


In Spain

Dr. José González Monteagudo
Universidad de Sevilla
Despacho 5-134
Calle Pirotecnia, s/n
41013-Sevilla, España