Research in the Nordic EMBL Partnership

Research at DANDRITE

Poul Henning Jensen

Professor Henning Jensen is a Core Group Leader and head of the Neurodegenerative Disease Laboratory Group. 

Research focus: Molecular neurodegenerative studies.

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Anders Nykjær

Professor Anders Nykjær is a Core Group Leader and head of the Receptor Biology Group at DANDRITE. 

Research focus: Cell Biology and animal modeling of neuronal membrane receptor systems.

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Anna Mathia Klawonn

Anna Mathia Klawonn

Dr Anna Mathia Klawonn is Group Leader at DANDRITE, head of Immune-to-brain signalling group. 

Research focus: Better treatments of affective disorders and neurodegenerative disease. 

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Mark Denham

Dr Mark Denham is head of the Stem Cells group. 

Research focus: Human pluripotent stem cells.

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Taro Kitazawa

Dr Taro Kitazawa is head of the Neuroplasticity group. 

Research focus: Molecular basis of neuroplasticity, especially at the levels of epigenetic and transcriptional mechanisms underlying memory engram plasticity using mice as model organism.

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Duda Kvitsiani

Dr Kvitsiani is head of the Neuronal Basis of Decision-making in Fruit Flies and Mice group. 

Research focus: Neuronal circuits and molecular basis of effort based decision-making.

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Sadegh Nabavi

Dr. Nabavi is head of the Memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels Group. 

Research focus: Memory formation and consolidation at the synaptic and circuit levels.

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Hanne Poulsen

Dr. Poulsen is Team Leader of the Membrane Proteins team at DANDRITE and Assistant professor at Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Research focus: sodium-potassium pump and transient receptor potential (TRP) channels.

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Tomonori Takeuchi

Dr. Takeuchi is Team Leader at DANDRITE, an AIAS-COFUND fellow at Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), and associate professor at Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University.

Research focus: Memory selectivity and knowledge updating.

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Gilles Claude Vanwalleghem

Dr Vanwalleghem is Team Leader at DANDRITE and Assistant Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Research focus: Gut-brain axis in larval zebrafish.

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Chao Sun

Dr Sun is head of the Logistic Vulnerabailities of Brain Synapses group.

Research focus: Protein machines that manage the molecular logistics of brain synapses using quantitative spatial proteomics approaches.

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Thomas Dong Won Kim

Dr Kim is head of the Molecular Mechanisms on Cell State Transitions group. 

Research focus: molecular mechanisms that regulate cell states in neurodegeneration and neurodevelopment utilizing multi-Omics approaches.

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Keisuke Yonehara

Dr Yonehara is head of the Spatially Asymmetric Neural Circuits in Visual System group. 

Research focus: identifying and understanding the structure and function of such motifs could give insights into the functional organisation of the brain.

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Jelena Radulovic

Professor Radulovic is head of The Neurobiology of Stress-Related Memories group. 

Research focus: the adaptive and maladaptive neurobiological mechanisms by which stressful experiences shape brain circuits and the representation of negative memories.

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Magnus Kjærgaard

Magnus Kjærgaard

Dr Kjærgaard is Senior Group Leader and head of the Protein design in neuroscience Group at DANDRITE. 

Research focus: Neurotransmitter receptors and dynamic protein interactions in memory.

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Research at FIMM

Samuli Ripatti, FIMM Director

Professor Samuli Ripatti is head of the Statistical and Translational Genetics.

Research focus: Genome-wide variation and its relation to complex traits and diseases, with a particular focus, but not limited to, on cardiovascular diseases and metabolism.

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Mark Daly

Professor Mark Daly is head of the Human Disease Genetics group. 

Research focus: Hu­man ge­netic dis­cov­ery and trans­la­tion activ­it­ies.

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Tero Aittokallio

Dr Aittokallio is head of the Computational Systems Medicine group.

Research focus: Network-centric and machine learning-based approaches to modeling and predicting complex relationships between genetic dependencies and medical phenotypes.

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Andrea Ganna

Dr Andrea Ganna is head of the Data Science for Population-scale Registry and Biobank Data group.

Research focus: Statistical and deep learning approaches

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Tiinamaija Tuomi

Research focus: Botnia Study - Genetic and Metabolic Characterization of Diabetes

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Caroline Heckman

Dr Caroline Heckman is head of the Translational Research and Personalised Medicine group. 

Research focus: Pathogenic and drug resistance mechanisms in hematological malignancies.

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Anniina Färkkilä

Part of the Research Program in Sytems Oncology.

Research focus: Systems medicine of tumor microenvironment.

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Olli Kallioniemi

Professor Olli Kallioniemi is head of the Individualised Systems Medicine Group.

Research focus: Precision cancer medicine

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Jaakko Kaprio

Professor Jaakko Kaprio, Head of Genetic Epidemiology Group

Research focus: Genetic Epidemiology

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Helena Kilpinen

Dr Helena Kilpinen is head of the Cellular Genetics of Disease group.

Research focus: Cellular genetics and the cellular basis of developmental and other brain-related disorders

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Mika Kontro 

Dr Mika Kontro is head of the Individualized Therapies for Acute Leukemia group.

Research focus: forecasting treatment responses in acute myeloid leukemia; methods are developed in on-going prospective clinical trials to simultaneously validate their full clinical significance.

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Johan Lundin

Professor Johan Lundin is head of the Clinical Informatics and Image-based Diagnostics Group. 

Research focus: The group studies and develops methods for personalized prediction of disease outcome and image based diagnostics.

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Hanna Ollila

Dr Hanna Ollila is a FIMM-Group Leader. 

Research focus: Genetics of sleep.

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Miina Ollikainen

Dr Miina Ollikainen is head of the Epigenetics of Complex Diseases and Traits Group. 

Research focus: To assess the contribution of genome and epigenome to obesity and other complex diseases and traits using study designs suitable for twin and population-based cohorts.

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Lassi Paavolainen

Dr. Lassi Paavolainen is head of the Bioimaging Profiling Group. 

Research focus: Uncovering complex information from bioimages using machine learning.

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Aarno Palotie

Dr. Aarno Palotie is head of the Genomics of Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Disorders Group. 

Research focus: The genetics of neurological, neurodevelopmental, and neuropsychiatric traits.

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Matti Pirinen

Dr. Pirinen is head of the Computational Genomics Group. 

Research focus: The group combines a thorough understanding of statistical modeling with real life experience on what works in practice. 

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Esa Pitkänen

Dr Esa Pitkänen is a FIMM-Group Leader.

Research focus: Esa group focuses novel machine learning and computational methods for biomedicine. 

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Janna Saarela

Professor Janna Saarela is head of the Human Immune Disorders group (shared with NCMM). 

Research focus: Improving the understanding of biological pathways and pathogenic mechanisms behind rare and common immune diseases

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Taru Tukiainen

Dr. Taru Tukiainen is head of the Genomics of Sex Differences in Health and Disease Group.

Research focus: The investigation of sex biases in both genetic and transcriptomic data particularly utilizing the extensively-phenotyped Finnish population cohorts.

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Eero Vuoksimaa

Dr. Eero Vuoksimaa is head of the Cognitive and Brain Ageing Group.

Research focus: The group aims to understand the pathways from protective and risk factors to old age cognition and brain health, aiming to improve the early identification of individuals with high risk of cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Elisabeth Widén, FIMM Vice Director

Dr. Elisabeth Widén is head of the Genes Influencing Puberty and Their Impact on Adult Health Group. 

Research focus: The group seeks to uncover novel mutations and genes causing fatal arrhythmia, a disorder for which there is an urgent need for more accurate pre-symptomatic molecular diagnosis, and to elucidate the genetic and developmental framework underlying puberty.

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Research at MIMS

Oliver Billker, MIMS Director & Speaker of the Nordic EMBL Partnership

Dr Oliver Billker is head of the Experimental Genomics of Malaria Transmission Group.

Research focus: Developing new genetic technologies to investigate how malaria parasites reproduce in mosquitoes and get transmitted.

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Ellen Bushell

Dr Ellen Bushell is head of the Parasite-Host Interactions Group.

Research focus: Role of malaria parasite exported proteins in host-parasite interactions.

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Johan Henriksson

Dr Johan Henriksson is head of the T cell Systems Biology Group. 

Research focus: T-cell biology using artificial intelligence.

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Andrea Puhar

Dr Andrea Puhar is head of the Endogenous danger signals in infection and inflammation Group.

Research focus: Endogenous danger signals, in particular extracellular ATP, during intestinal infection and inflammation.

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Björn Schröder

Dr Björn Schröder is head of the Gut Microbiota and Intestinal Mucosal Barrier Function Group. 

Research focus: Dietary and other factors influence the interaction between gut microbiota and the mucosal barrier (intestinal mucus and AMPs) and the relevance of this interaction in the context of diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease and metabolic diseases.

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Barbara Sixt

Dr Barbara Sixt is head of the Cell-autonomous Immunity Group.

Research focus: Protective potential of pathogen-suppressed cellular defense path­ways, to identify the mo­lecular determinants of host de­fense and pathogenic countermeasures, and to find means to disturb their balance to the ben­efit of the host.

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Richard Lundmark

Professor Richard Lundmark is MIMS Team Leader, Director of Biochemical Imaging Centre Umeå (BICU)

Research focus: Membrane sculpting machineries. 

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André Mateus

Dr André Mateus is MIMS Team Leader and head of the Protein function and interaction in the species of the human gut microbiome group. 

Research focus: Understanding how proteins function in the species of the human gut microbiome.

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Linda Sandblad

Professor Linda Sandblad MIMS Team Leader and head of Umeå Centre for Electron Microscopy

Research focus: Spatial, intramolecular structure and interatctions of bacterial cytoskeleton protein networks.

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Anna Överby Wernstedt, MIMS Deputy Director

Professor Anna Överby Wernstedt is head of the Tick-borne Encephalitis Virus Group.

Research focus: Tick-borne encephalitis virus from molecular virology and host pathogen interactions to pathogenicity and innate immunity by combining different in vivo and in vitro systems

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Lars-Anders Carlson

Dr Lars-Anders Carlson is MIMS Investigator and head of the Structure and Mechanism of Viral Replication Complexes group.
Research focus: how viruses reshape the membranes of the cells they infect.

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Laura Carroll

Dr Laura Carroll is MIMS Investigator and head of the (Meta)genomics Surveillance for Bacterial Pathogens group.

Research focus: We develop and utilize bioinformatic approaches to monitor and combat the spread of bacterial pathogens.

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Anne-Marie Fors Connolly

Dr/MD Anne-Marie Fors Connolly is MIMS Clinical Research Fellow and head of the HFRS Research group.

Research focus: the cardiovascular complications following Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) and the underlying mechanisms thereof.

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Sara Gredmark Russ

Dr/MD Sara Gredmark Russ is MIMS Clinical Research Fellow and head of the Viruses and Their Interactions with the Immune System group.

Research focus: main focus on viruses and their interactions with the immune system.

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Research at NCMM

Janna Saarela, NCMM Director

Professor Janna Saarela is head of the Human Immune Disorders Group.

Research focus: Understanding of biological pathways and pathogenic mechanisms behind rare and common immune diseases.

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Charlotte Boccara

Dr Charlotte Boccara is head of the Systems Neuroscience and Sleep Group.

Research focus: Role of sleep in cognitive development, deciphering neural coding in the adult brain

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Camila Vicencio Esguerra

Dr Camila Esguerra is head of the Chemical Neuroscience Group.

Research focus: Fundamental mechanisms underlying brain function in health and disease

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Irep Gözen

Dr Irep Gözen is head of the Bionanotechnology and Membrane Systems Group.

Research focus: Using soft biomaterials, such as lipid membranes, to mimic the behavior of living cells to gain a deeper understanding of certain biological processes, including migration (taxis), mechanical damage and repair, endoplasmic reticulum dynamics, and others

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Emma Haapaniemi

Dr Emma Haapaniemi is head of the Precision Pediatrics and Gene Editing Group.

Research focus: Develop gene editing -based therapies for inborn errors of immunity

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Marieke Kuijjer

Dr Marieke Kuijjer is head of the Computational Biology and Systems Medicine Group.

Research focus: Use of computational and systems biology to better understand gene regulation.

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Anthony Mathelier, NCMM Deputy Director

Dr Anthony Mathelier is head of the Computational Biology and Gene Regulation Group. 

Research focus: Computational biology, with a focus on gene expression regulation and the mechanisms by which it can be disrupted in human diseases such as cancer.

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Nikolina Sekulic

Dr Nikolina Sekulic is head of the Structural Biology and Chromatin Group.

Research focus: Molecular mechanisms that assure genomic stabliity during cell division. 

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Biswajyoti Sahu

Dr Biswajyoti Sahu is head of the Precision Targeting of Malfunctioning Gene Regulatory Elements group.

Research focus: The group focuses on developing innovative experimental methods for studying gene regulation, enhancer function and epigenome reprogramming, including cell fate conversion methods and functional genomics at single-cell and single-molecule resolution.

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Sebastian Waszak

Dr Sebastian Waszak is head of the Computational Oncology Group.

Research focus: Large patient populations, multi-modal data integration, and computational methods to study rare cancers. One specific focus is the development of precision medicine strategies for pediatric brain cancer patients. 

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