EMBL non-tenure model

How can we organize cutting-edge research and training whilst tackling the most difficult scientific questions and global challenges?

Clearly, the most brilliant minds and researchers are required, but who are they and how do we compete with some of the world’s most prestigious and resourceful research centers to attract them to the Nordic countries? Furthermore, how do we ensure the investment required to bring these talented researchers to the Nordics results in the best possible outcomes?

We argue that the logical answer is through an attractive brand for the recruitment of talented young group leaders. Young group leaders who are then provided with the resources, opportunities, and freedom to develop bold and original research ideas in a thriving and intellectually stimulating environment.Dissemination and support should be ensured by local and international interactions in basic and translational research through universities as hosts.

The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine is the exact example of this approach. 

In support of this, the Nordic EMBL Partnership has written a policy paper, outlining the benefits and reasons for following the EMBL group leader model.

You can view the non-tenure model paper here (PDF)