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Submission process

1. The outline of the book and the manuscript are submitted to the editorial board

2. The editorial board decides on approval

3. Proforma and adaptation of manuscript to the style and image guide (can be downloaded from this webpage)

4. The contract is formalised

5. The editorial board receives the manuscript from author(-s)/editor(-s)

6. The manuscript is sent for peer review

7. Author(-s)/editor(-s) receive(s) the manuscript from peer review

8. The manuscript is sent to the editorial board

9. The editors send the manuscript to the publisher (Brepols) for copyediting

10. The author(-s)/editor(-s) receive(s) the manuscript after layout and prepare(s) the indices.

11. Final submission

Editorial board:

Professor Rubina Raja: rubina.raja@cas.au.dk 

Associate professor Elizabeth Frood: elizabeth.frood@orinst.ox.ac.uk