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Agenda and slides

Section A: Preliminaries

A1 Welcome, and attendance
A2 Housekeeping arrangements
A3 Acceptance of the Agenda

Section B: Introductions

B1 To invite Presidents to introduce themselves
B2 To invite our host, the Danish Mathematical Society, to give a short pre-

Section C: The European Mathematical Society

C1 President's reportfileadmin/presidents2013/Slides/Sanz-Sole.pdf
C2 Council 2014
C3 Scienti fic Activities
C4 Other Activities
C5 Communication: EMS web site, others
C6 Mathematics research in Europe

Section D: Panel Discussions

D1 The mathematics curricula in high school
D2 Publications
D4 Special topics presented by Presidents

Section E: Any Other Business

Section F: Next Meeting