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DNMARK aims to develop effective solutions to the nitrogen challenges we face in Denmark.

The solutions must meet the requirements from both food industry, society and the environment. Previous attempts to reduce nitrogen loss to the environment have often failed or caused new problems. Therefor the alliance faces a major task.

In brief the aim of the alliance is to find new ideas and ways [1] to sustainable use [2] of nitrogen to the mutual benefit [3] of society, environment and the agricultural and food industry [4].

[1] ”New ways” can be found through interactions with stakeholders representing local, regional, national as well as international perspectives.
[2] “Sustainable use” means improved resource efficiency as well as reduced environmental and climatic impact in relation to N.
[3] “Mutual benefit” means that the work and results accomplished in the alliance will benefit researchers, authorities, industry and interest groups as well as citizens.
[4] “The agricultural and food industry” covers the primary and ancillary industries accounting for food pro-duction, energy, materials, experiences, environment, nature and other benefits related to landscape and rural areas.

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