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Our goal is to quantify NI's potential for N2O reduction in Danish conditions, to describe any side effects (including ecotoxicological) on soil organisms following application of marketed NI under field and laboratory conditions, and to study NI's fate in soil and soil liquid at short as well as long term. This will be done through a number of studies under relevant conditions with regard to, inter alia, climate, soil type and agricultural practices. The aim of the project is to ensure an environmentally friendly use of NI to reduce N2O emissions from Danish agriculture.

The project hypotheses are:

- NI will significantly reduce the emission of nitrous oxide from commercial and livestock manure

- NI and metabolites degrade in the soil within three months

- NI is different in terms of fate and side effects on soil organisms

- NI's method of application is important for side effects

- NI generally has non-significant and short-term (less than three months) effects on soil organisms

- Side effects of NI on soil organisms will be relatively small compared to e.g. conventional tillage.