WP1 Biodiversity
WP leader Mark Bailey (mbailey @ CEH, UK.

WP2 Soil Functioning and Ecosystem Services

WP leader: Jack Faber (jack.faber @, Alterra part of Wageningen UR, The Netherlands. (

WP3 Developing and Standardising Tools and Procedures for Assessment of Soil Biodiversity

WP leader Francis Martin (fmartin @ INRA-Nancy, France.

WP4 Evaluating and Developing Indicators for Biodiversity
WP leader: Bryan Griffiths (Bryan.Griffiths @ Scotlands Rural College, United Kingdom.

WP5 Valuation of Soil Ecosystem Services

WP leader: Unai Pascual (UP211 @ CAM.AC.UK), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

WP6 Dissemination, Technology Transfer and Training

WP leader Anne Winding (aw @dmu .dk), Aarhus University, Denmark. (