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Digital Pedagogy & Learning in Higher Education (DiP)

Special Interest Group

About the project

CHEF has  together with Southern University Denmark facilitated the setting up of a new special interest group called Digital Pedagogy and Learning in Higher Education (DiP) under the auspices of Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education (DUN). Launched in June 2021 with members from throughout Danish higher education, DiP is a national network of researchers, developers, practitioners and leaders focusing on or with an interest in digital pedagogy, teaching and learning with technology, online, digital and hybrid education and learning environments across the higher education sector.

It is rare in a Danish academic context that researchers, developers, practioners and leaders to speak and work together to create strong connections between theory, development and practice. The Special Interest Group under DUN aims to develop the field of DiP nationally and internationally through webinars and workshops, networking events and field trips, seminars and conferences, research publications and publishing of educational resources.

Through this, DiP aims for a greater level of awareness, understanding, complementarity, and cohesion in the future debates, initiatives, and actions taken in relation to digital pedagogy, learning and education within higher education in Denmark.


Jens Jørgen Hansen

Department of Design and Communication,
Southern University Denmark