2018.06.28 |

Newsletter: BarPLUS project - the half way to be completed

The second newsletter from BarPLUS has been released. Among other things, you can read a half way update and learn more about the work done to evaluate biomass production of selected barley genotypes on the field trails.

2018.04.25 |

Successful midterm meeting for the FACCE SURPLUS 1st call

Representatives from the FACCE SURPLUS 1st call projects met in Paris for two days full of knowledge sharing and new input on topics such as science-policy interface and industrial valorization. The midterm meeting took place in November 2017, and now a midterm meeting report is presented.

Photo: Jesper Rais, AU Foto

2018.04.25 |

International Conference on Agricultural GHG Emissions and Food Security

An international conference will focus on policies and innovative practices that can help mitigate agricultural greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring sustainable and resilient agricultural production and enhanced food security.

Photo: AU Foto

2018.04.25 |

FACCE SURPLUS to participate in EUBCE 2018

FACCE SURPLUS will host a stand at the European Biomass Conference & Exhibition 14–17 May 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

One of the selected projects is CichOpt that targets biorefinery concepts for sustainable use of all Cichorium biomass available. Photo: ILVO

2018.03.08 | News from the management

Eight new projects elected for the FACCE SURPLUS 2nd call

The second FACCE SURPLUS call focuses on small-scale biorefineries. Eight new projects have now been recommended for funding in the frame of this call, and research will begin in the spring of 2018.

FACCE SURPLUS representatives will meet in Paris for a midterm meeting on the 15th and 16th of November. Photo: Colourbox

2017.11.02 |

Midterm meeting will gather all FACCE SURPLUS projects

Industrial valorisation, knowledge transfer and science-policy interface is on the agenda when FACCE SURPLUS representatives meet in Paris in mid-November.

Photo: Colourbox

2017.11.02 |

Soon we can harvest metals

Scientists are developing new agricultural methods which enable metals to be extracted from plants grown in areas where traditional agricultural production is difficult. The remaining plant material can be used as biomass for renewable energy.

Miscanthus. Photo: BioC4

2017.11.02 |

A new plant-based fuel can replace fossil fuels in vehicles

We are now taking a great step towards a future based on renewable energy. The research alliance BioC4 works on a project that will enable an effective production of isobutanol – a sustainable plant based fuel that can be used in existing engines for vehicles.

Plant testing within the project INTENSE. Photo: M. Mench

2017.11.02 |

New project will help increase food production in the EU by 20 pct.

3.8 million hectares of soil in the EU are unsuitable for effective agricultural production due to pollution or drought. Fortunately a new research project strives to reconvert poor, dried out and polluted sites into sustainable farm land. The aim is to increase food production in the EU by up to 20 pct.

Photo: Colurbox

2017.10.02 |

New project will make the olive tree production more climate-friendly

The olive industry is facing both economic and ecological problems driven by intensive agriculture and climate change. A new international project seeks to transform the industry preparing it for the changes to come.

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