Based on the two previous calls, the FACCE SURPLUS partners (listed above) decided in 2018 to further advance their successful funding scheme with a third call in order to complete the portfolio of projects and fill remaining research gaps.     

The call was launched in January 2019, and in November 2019 six projects were selected for funding.

Background information: 

The call for proposals aims to improve collaboration and cooperation across the European Research Area in the area of sustainable intensification of food and non-food biomass production and transformation systems, including biorefinery concepts. 

The funded projects will explore options on how to utilise all the biomass from agricultural land, uncultivated land and forestry with a holistic view with regard to food and non-food systems. In line with the previous calls, the projects will build upon the research already conducted in FACCE SURPLUS and under the broader umbrella of FACCE-JPI.    


FACCE-JPI Call Office:

The Call Office, hosted by Projektträger Jülich, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany, is the central contact point for applicants regarding all technical and general issues of the submission.