Second call

In January 2017, FACCE SURPLUS launched a second call for transnational research projects on "Small scale Biorefineries". In December 2017, eight projects were selected to receive funding within the frame of the 2nd call.

In the frame of the ERA-NET FACCE SURPLUS (Sustainable and Resilient agriculture for food and non-food systems), 10 partners launched a call for joint research projects in January 2017.

Recognising that other initiatives are considering the scope and application of large-scale biorefineries in the EU context, the second call of FACCE SURPLUS focus on the small-scale biorefinery concepts and their potential role in enhancing the sustainability and productivity of EU agriculture, as well as their scope to benefit the rural economy. 

The indicative total available budget amounts to 6.25M€, and the following countries are participating in the call: Belgium - Flanders, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania and The Netherlands.

The 2nd call aims to improve collaboration and cooperation across the European Research Area in the area of sustainable intensification of food and non-food biomass production and decentralised transformation systems, in particular small scale multi-input, multi-product biorefinery concepts.

It aims as well at supporting local innovation and value creation from biomass and biorefineries in synergy with the environmentally sustainable intensification of biomass production taking into account the required economic, environmental and social conditions and resilience to climate change.

The call was carried in a two-stage submission process using the FACCE-JPI Submission Tool.

The deadline for submission of pre-proposals was March 7, 2017. The submitted pre-proposals was checked for eligibility. Successful consortia at pre-proposal stage was invited to submit a full proposal which was evaluated by independent experts. The deadline for full proposal submission was July 17, 2017.   

For detailed information on the submission process, please download the call announcement.

In December 2017, eight projects were selected to receive funding in the frame of the FACCE SURPLUS ERA-NET 2nd call. Read about the 2nd call research projects here.  


FACCE-JPI Call Office: The Call Office, hosted by Projektträger Jülich, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany, is the central contact point for applicants regarding all technical and general issues of the submission.