There is a huge challenge that needs to be addressed at a transnational level across Europe. Photo: Colourbox

2015.02.27 |

Welcome to the future

Bioeconomy and its legitimacy might be a well-worn discussion, however, the serious perspectives of the future needs to be dealt with.

The new FACCE SURPLUS is funded as a ERA-NET Cofund. Photo: Colourbox

2015.02.26 |

It’s a Cofund

FACCE Surplus is funded as a new ERA-NET action under Horizon 2020: The ERA-NET Cofund, which merges the previous ERA-NET and ERA-NET Plus. The central element of an ERA-Net Cofund is the compulsory element of implementing one call with the so called top-up funding from the European Commission. A development of the previous ERA-NET and ERA-NET…

Niels Gøtke, chair of FACCE JPI, is head of division at the danish  Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

2015.02.10 |

The joint programming initiative FACCE

The ERA-net FACCE SURPLUS is a product of the joint programming initiative FACCE-JPI comprising 21 countries committed to build a European Research Area addressing challenges of sustainable agriculture, food security and impacts of climate change. FACCE JPI coordinates and comprises a list of activities.

Deadline for applications are march 4th. Photo: Colourbox

2015.02.06 |

Call for proposals: Deadline is approaching

FACCE SURPLUS, the call for proposals in sustainable and resilient agriculture, is closing on March 4th 2015. will together with a newsletter, published approximately four times a year, be the main tool for communication with the society.

2015.01.08 |

Follow news from the programme

The ERA-net FACCE SURPLUS is now online with information and news about the programme.

Photo: Flemming Nielsen

2015.01.07 |

A new initiative calls for research in sustainable and resilient agriculture

Increased demands for food, renewable energy and raw materials from biomass are among the “Great Challenges” for the 21st century. Based on the vision of a European bioeconomy 21 countries are now calling for research that can provide a sustainable intensification of agricultural production.

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