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Schematic diagram of the process used in the HO-FOOD project

2021.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Safe and healthy products from farm to fork

The project HO-FOOD aims at developing and implementing a new mild food process and technology to improve the safety and extend the shelf-life of Ready To Eat (RTE) fresh organic products.

Organic strawberries enriched with organic Yacon juice. Credit: Urszula Tylewicz
Electron microscopy image of organic strawberry tissue osmodehydrated in the polyol solution. Credit: Malgorzata Nowacka
Organic apple by-products. Credit: Mona Elena Popa	
Phycocyanin extracted from spirulina and stabilized by spray-drying. Credit: Juan Manuel Castagnini

2021.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Novel and attractive minimally processed organic strawberries and apples

The MILDSUSFRUIT goal is to increase quality and sustainability of organic fruit processing through the optimization of specific mild technologies and by the valorisation of vegetable organic by-products. Below you can find the activities carried out to date.

Shiitake mushrooms grown on birch logs in a forest, Finland. Photo: Michael den Herder.
Harvest of the community supported agriculture in Belgium. Photo: Het Polderveld.
Cargo-bike used for food distribution in the city of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Photo: Die Kooperative.

2021.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Towards organic and sustainable food systems: Learning from Innovations

With the effective selection of Innovative Case studies, a crucial step for the future success of FOODLEVERS project was achieved. Gain a short overview on these innovative food systems and the expected results to retrieve in the upcoming years

Photo by Colourbox. Restaurant in Rome

2021.11.15 | Agriculture and food

How can food systems become more sustainable through diversity?

The demand for locally grown and sustainably produced food has not only risen sharply as a result of the corona pandemic. Food should not only be healthy, but also produced and processed without animal suffering and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Photo by the "Poultrynsect" project

2021.11.15 | Agriculture and food

Broiler meat proteins have lower environmental cost than egg proteins

The "Poultrynsect" project presented impact assessment of chicken protein production at the animal science congress (EAAP2021) in Davos, Switzerland

2021.07.16 | Research news

5 proposals selected in the CORE Organic call "Organic farming systems for improved mixed plant and animal production"

Based on the expert evaluation, on 29 June 2021, the Call Board selected for funding 5 project consortia in the sub-topics: Robust and resilient mixed animal farming systems and Support for robust and resilient crop production systems.

2021.07.05 | Agriculture and food

How to assess weed biodiversity: exploiting weeds' functionality in greenhouses

The latest video from Greenresilient explains how we investigate weed communities response to different management strategies by assessing weed diversity and functionality.

Pigs in a rooting area filled with wood chips and bordered by high partitions. Photo by: Thomsen/Center for Frilandsdyr
A rack with grass silage in the outdoor run allows exploration of edibles throughout the day. Photo by: Wimmler/BOKU
Showers in the outdoor run are easy to implement and effective to reduce heat stress. Photo by: Holinger/FiBL

2021.06.24 | Agriculture and food

What makes outdoor runs clean and attractive for pigs?

Outdoor access for organic pigs shall be enriching for animals and harmless to the environment. But how to design concrete outdoor runs that ensure natural behaviour, animal health and reduce pen soiling leading to ammonia emissions?

2021.06.24 | Agriculture and food

Webinar 28 Sep. 2021 at 10am: Main results of the MIX-ENABLE project

The partners of the MIX-ENABLE project invite to a final webinar on September 28, 2021 at 10am to present their main results.

2021.06.24 | Agriculture and food

Learn to grow vegetables in the winter: two Greenresilient factsheets published

It must be every hobby gardener’s dream to harvest fresh vegetables from their own garden, raised bed or unheated greenhouse in the winter. The good news: this dream can become reality with the two new Greenresilient factsheets

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