CORE Organic is a network of European ministries and research councils funding research in organic food systems which was founded in 2004. The main purpose of CORE Organic is to join forces and fund transnational research projects supporting a focused and coordinated research and innovation effort covering the most important challenges along the organic value chains. During the 18 years of joint collaboration in CORE Organic, the partners have launched 8 transnational calls for around 61.9 million EUR of funding. The calls have been launched under the different CORE Organic periods; CORE Organic I, CORE Organic II, CORE Organic Plus and CORE Organic Cofund.

From autumn 2022, the CORE Organic network continues as the CORE Organic (CO) Pleiades Network. The continuing network will work as a part of project ‘OrganicTargets4EU’ led by IFOAM Organics Europe. The network will focus on increasing R&I funding in support of the European Green Deal targets for organic food, farming and aquaculture. 

The CO Pleiades Network allows the funding partners to continue supporting the active research projects, both from the 2nd joint call SUSFOOD2-CO Cofunds and from 3rd CO call (2021). The CO Pleiades network, is also a platform and a vehicle for preparation of the new Horizon Europe funding instruments relevant for organics: European Partnerships on ‘Agroecology’ and ‘Sustainable Food Systems’ starting in 2023/ 2024.

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