Previous CORE Organic

The CORE Organic network has existed since 2004. Below you can find information about the previous CORE Organic periods including activities and outcomes of each network period. 

CORE Organic I

CORE Organic l was a three-year “Coordination Action” in organic food and farming. It was initiated by 13 partners from 11 countries as a part of the ERA-NET Scheme under EC 6th Framework Programme (FP6). CO launched the first pilot Call for joint transnational research projects in organic food and farming in 2007 focusing on three research themes: 1) Animal disease and parasite management, 2) Organic food quality and safety, and 3) Innovative marketing strategies. 8 research projects were selected for 8.3M EUR.

CORE Organic II

During the CORE Organic II period under the FP7, project network expanded to 26 partners from 21 countries/regions that launched three Calls in six thematic research areas: 1) Plant breeding, 2) Cropping systems 3) Phosphorus management, 4) Monogastric animal production 5) Food quality, and 6) Organic market. 14 research projects were selected for 14.9M EUR.

CORE Organic Plus

During the CORE Organic Plus phase 24 partners from 21 countries/regions launched one call focused on: 1) Crop: plant/ soil interaction in organic crop production, 2) Functional biodiversity to improve management of diseases, weeds and pests 3) Livestock health management system including breeding, and 4) Ensuring quality and safety of organic food along the processing chain. 11 research projects were selected for 11M EUR.

CORE Organic Cofund

During the CORE Organic Cofund period, 27 partners from 19 countries/regions participated in the network activities. The partners launched 3 calls, one of which was a joint call with Susfood. 29 research projects were funded for in total 13.8 EUR during the Cofund period. The funded projects in each of the three calls were distributed across 3-4 thematic areas specific to the call, you can find information about the thematic areas and the research projects on the CORE Organic Cofund website.